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6 reasons not to buy packaged greens in supermarkets

6 reasons not to buy packaged greens in supermarkets Why you shouldn't buy packaged greens (photo:

All supermarkets sell packaged greens all year round. And from late autumn to mid-spring, when there are almost no fresh greens on the markets, many people think that the choice in packages is good. However, experts believe that buying such greens is dangerous, according to Cookist.

Nutritional losses

Such greens don't arrive on supermarket shelves immediately, taking some time, which leads to a loss of useful nutrients. useful nutrients. Older greens may not be as tasty and may look significantly worse than fresh ones.

Waste water

Most food companies that sell packaged greens wash them three times under water. This is not only harmful to the greens, but also leads to a significant loss of water.

Plastic usage

A lot of plastic is used in packaging and transporting greens, which harms our environment.


Packaged greens are not entirely clean, and even in organic product, there is a risk of contamination with millipedes, bacteria, and even frogs.

Chemical usage

Unfortunately, packaged greens are much more likely to be treated with chemicals than unpackaged ones. For example, many producers rinse greens before packaging them with chlorinated water.


Regardless of how clean the greens look in the package, it is always recommended to thoroughly wash them before use as they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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