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5 things that should be hidden from children in house

5 things that should be hidden from children in house Photo: Komarovskiy named things prohibited for children (RBC-Ukraine)

Child safety in the home should be a top priority for parents. There are items that need to be securely hidden from children to protect their lives. What specifically should be put away is reported by Dr. Komarovskiy - a famous Ukrainian pediatrician, TV presenter, and writer.

Five things that should be hidden from children in the house

Laundry pods

If you use them, store them on high shelves. They attract children's attention and look like colorful candies.


Children may mimic their parents' actions and sometimes even replicate harmful adult habits. It's undesirable for a child to get their hands on a trendy e-cigarette, as using it is very simple.

Hand sanitizer

Certainly, hand sanitizers have become our best friends these days, but after use, make sure to store them out of reach.

Button batteries

These are easy to swallow, and the consequences can be severe.


Do not store any medications on lower shelves or in the fridge at a height a child can reach. The problem is easily solved - place all medications higher up where the child cannot see them or show interest in them.