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5 gripping series with surprising endings to watch on holidays

5 gripping series with surprising endings to watch on holidays What series to watch on holidays (Collage RBC-Ukraine)

Sometimes there comes a desire to watch not just an interesting and romantic series, not just a comedy or sitcom, but something that will leave a lasting impression and certainly surprise. However, the search for such shows can be quite lengthy.

RBC-Ukraine offers a list of 5 intriguing series with an unexpected finale, among which you will surely find something for yourself.


A series that gained fame for its mysterious nature will surprise those accustomed to classic sitcoms. Unexpected twists in the plot can astonish you and turn out to be thought-provoking. Everything is not as simple as it seems.

Why women kill

This relatively new series has already been continued, and not without reason. The first season impressed viewers. You will watch each episode, holding your breath. The atypical story and the stunning finale - this narrative will undoubtedly captivate you.

Nine perfect strangers

This series, featuring Nicole Kidman, will keep you in suspense until the very finale. The last scene will leave an incredible impression and a somewhat unsettling taste, but seeing it is definitely worth it.

Black Mirror

The anthology, which has already reached its sixth season, will keep you up at night. Each episode is a separate and highly intriguing story. Sometimes they are melancholic, in some moments chilling, and very often tragic. You are unlikely to guess how each episode will end.


The story about a maniac may seem simple and banal at first. However, from the first episode, you will start to delve deeper into the plot and learn more about the main character. His victims will evoke sympathy, but not always.

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