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5 effective tips on reducing sweets consumption

5 effective tips on reducing sweets consumption Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

If you eat too many sweets, it indicates that your diet is unbalanced. The reason for "attacks" on sweets may be a lack of complex carbohydrates in your diet, citing dietitian Yuliia Koval.

5 effective tips for reducing sweets in your diet

Consume complex carbohydrates

Don't be afraid of side dishes! Eat grains, potatoes, and durum wheat pasta, as they are very filling.

Do not completely give up your favorite sweets

Any restriction will eventually lead to a breakdown. These swings are unnecessary. Maintain balance in everything. Eat your favorite candy if you want it after a full breakfast or lunch.

Evaluate your eating habits

The dietitian advises taking a screening test for eating behavior disorders. Seek help if needed. Often, sweets are used to cover up a different need—anxiety, depression, or worries.

Review products you have in your kitchen

Conduct a sort of revision. Remove candies and cookies from sight, don't keep them at home or work. Replace the basket of sweets with a basket of berries and fruits.

Add sour flavors to your diet

These can be various berries or fruits, add spices, eat food with different flavors to reduce cravings for sweets. Over time, your taste buds will cleanse, so to speak, and you will react differently to sweets.