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4 tips from doctors to avoid overeating on New Year's Eve

4 tips from doctors to avoid overeating on New Year's Eve How not to overeat during the holidays (photo: Freepik)

Overeating during the New Year holidays is a common practice for many - on average, during this period, Ukrainians gain about 2 kilograms of excess weight. To avoid this, it is worth following a few simple rules during feasts, according to Julia Clinic.

Don't sit at the table on an empty stomach

"Soon the New Year holidays will begin - an endless feast marathon. We have prepared a few simple tips to help you avoid overeating during the holidays and stay in shape," doctors say.

They advise not to forget about a full breakfast and lunch, as otherwise, the risk of overeating significantly increases.

Have a snack in advance

To reduce appetite, have a light snack or even fruits half an hour before the feast and drink tea. It's important not to sit down at the table hungry because you'll end up eating more than your body needs.

Opt for protein-rich foods

During the feast, emphasize lean meats and fish while avoiding fast carbs and fats, such as mayonnaise-based salads and pastries.

"Don't rush and eat slowly. On average, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the stomach to signal fullness. This rule will help prevent overeating," explain the doctors.

Stay active and drink plenty of water between meals

Additional physical activity will help the body better digest food and avoid stomach discomfort. Moreover, it will also help burn some of the calories consumed during the feast.

It is crucial to drink enough water as it occupies space in the stomach, providing a feeling of fullness and contributing to the normal functioning of the body.

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