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4 main criteria to consider when choosing Christmas lights

4 main criteria to consider when choosing Christmas lights Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

String lights are undoubtedly one of the key contributors to the festive atmosphere leading up to Christmas and New Year's. That's why they are a must-have element in home and outdoor decor. When choosing string lights, it's important to consider everything – the size of the bulbs, the type of light, and even its color, according to Real Simple.

Choosing the right bulb size

The size of the bulbs on string lights should depend on what you want to decorate – a Christmas tree indoors or the exterior of your house.

"Larger bulbs give more light and are oftentimes preferable for exterior installations. They can give you visibility from greater distances," explains interior designer Benjamin Bradley.

He suggests using larger bulbs such as C-7s and C-9s for decorating doors or trees outdoors.

"But miniature lights, if used in abundance, can be so magical in an exterior situation. Up close, the miniature lights fill in the spaces between the larger bulbs, giving a fuller, more abundant display," adds the expert.

White or multicolored light

Bradley advises against mixing different lights in decoration; it's better to maintain a consistent style in each room.

"Establish a lighting color scheme that coordinates with the rest of your design elements. I like to use white or clear lights—both miniature and large—when designing for a classic home, an urban residence, or if I want a more tailored appearance," says Bradley.

If you aim for a nostalgic Christmas feel, using multicolored lights in your string decorations is recommended.

Twinkling or static lights

If you want to add some "motion" to your Christmas lights, opt for twinkly bulbs, especially when using large bulbs like C-7s.

"These give a bit of movement and sense of Christmas sparkle without being annoying. Unlike the old-fashioned flashing lights, these gently twinkle like stars," says Bradley.

He advises placing string lights on the Christmas tree so that they penetrate deep into the branches rather than just hanging on the edges. Placing the lights closer to the trunk adds depth and richness to the decorated tree.

Incandescent or LED lights

Bradley recommends warmer and brighter incandescent lights, which are perfect for indoor use. However, LED lights are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and they tend to last longer than incandescent bulbs.