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4 issues with Viber that users constantly complain about

4 issues with Viber that users constantly complain about The four most common problems with Viber and their solutions (photo: Getty Images)

Although it is one of the most popular messaging apps, Viber, like many smartphone apps, may start behaving strangely. Users have reported glitches and freezes, but these are just some of the issues you may encounter, according to the MobileTrans website, which specializes in transferring data from phone to phone.

Activation issues

Activating Viber may seem simple. However, many users report issues with this initial step. To activate Viber, you need to enter your phone number, and then you should receive an SMS with an activation code.

Many users fail at this step, and there are several reasons for this. First, you must confirm that the SIM card is valid. Otherwise, you will not receive the activation code. Second, Viber always requires an Internet connection - either cellular or Wi-Fi.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you will receive a notification about this.

This is an automatic callback feature that activates Viber as soon as you answer the call. Remember: if you request the code more than 3 times, your account will be blocked. Then you will need to reinstall Viber and create a new account.

Message sending and receiving issues

Viber uses your internet connection for sending or receiving messages. Many users have encountered issues where they cannot send or receive messages, images because their internet is not working.

When you are at home, you probably use a local Wi-Fi network. But when you go outside, you need to use mobile internet.

Other issues include the recipient deleting the app, so you cannot contact them through Viber. Additionally, there is another solution to this problem, which works mainly for iPhone users.

You need to go to Settings, then press Privacy, find the Analytics & Improvements button, and press Turn off. Now you will be able to freely send and receive messages.

Call not coming through

This is probably one of the persistent problems on both iOS and Android. Usually, Viber doesn't ring when the phone is locked. Your display turns on to show you the notification, but you don't hear the ringtone. To fix this issue, go to your Wi-Fi settings, select Advanced, and set the checkbox for Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

Your phone may not be using the internet when it's locked, which means you won't receive messages until you unlock it. Also, if you're using an iPhone, you can choose the notification style in your iPhone settings.

In the app, press Notifications, go to Alert Style and select Alerts or Banners. This will allow you to hear your Viber messages.

Incoming and outgoing calls not working

Issues with incoming and outgoing calls in Viber are also not uncommon. To fix this, go to Settings in the Viber app. Then, press Calls and Messages and check the Viber-In Calls box. This allows your phone to receive incoming calls when someone is calling you.

You can also enable video calls by pressing the corresponding button and selecting Enable. Now you should be able to make or receive both video and audio calls. Sometimes Viber tends to change settings, so you should periodically check them before using it.