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3 zodiac signs whose dreams will come true last week of spring

3 zodiac signs whose dreams will come true last week of spring RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

The horoscope for late May reveals which zodiac signs have the best chances to achieve their most desired goals right now. The stars promise that their innermost wish or dream will come true, bringing incredible happiness, citing Your Tango.


You are unstoppable when it comes to generating positive energy. You’ve mastered the law of attraction, especially in terms of making money seemingly out of thin air. Nothing can stand in your way, or at least there’s nothing that can hinder your path.

With this incredible full moon in Sagittarius, you’re prompted to think of new and ingenious ways to attract abundance into your life. You won’t be deterred by others telling you it’s a futile dream. You believe in yourself, and whether or not you’re currently reaping the benefits of your mental power, you certainly feel the joy of positive thinking.

The idea of improving your life should be taken seriously, and you’re thrilled to revolutionize it. Friends, lovers, and family are all invited into your world of abundance and prosperity. You’re ready to share and open to new ideas.


The full moon will make you aware of how your talents can lead you to a place of great abundance. You’ve always known how to play your cards right, and you’ll see it in action during the full moon in Sagittarius, focusing on realizing your amazing dreams. You’re not here to waste time, you’ve decided to go for the gold and aim to elevate your life status.

During the full moon in Sagittarius, you’ll take decisive actions to create the abundance you envision in your mind. You’re not wasting time being a dreamer, though you are chasing a dream. But your dream is realistic, and through trial and error, you’ve realized that realism is what gets the job done. You can have it all, as long as "it all" is achievable.

The influence of Neptune lets you know that you can create something out of nothing - like magic, but the engine here is action. Something out of nothing, yes, but the lubricant that allows it to happen is called effort, and you have the energy, drive, and purpose. You’re looking to improve your lot in life, and by the end of May, you’ll start this engine.


When you get an idea in your head, Capricorn, you implement it efficiently and stylishly. You’re a dedicated worker, and nothing will stop you once you decide to commit to a task. After May 23, during the full moon in Sagittarius, you’ll be full of great ideas and the energy to bring them to life. Just like Taurus, you’re unstoppable.

Though you may find that your concentration blocks out other people in your life, you’ve made it clear to everyone who needs you that you’re currently focused on creating abundance. You’re not doing it for yourself, and they know it. This is the beauty of finding yourself among others who give you the space to be yourself, you can create money-making situations that benefit everyone... if left to your own devices.

This is a wonderful time in your life, Capricorn, and you’ll be able to show yourself and others that money is not only not the root of all evil, but how you can do good with it. You’ve never been selfish in your life, and you don’t plan to be anytime soon. You see money as a beautiful thing that allows greatness to flow. This is how you improve your life and the lives of others.