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3 myths about healthy eating that should be ignored

3 myths about healthy eating that should be ignored Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many believe healthy eating means giving up all the joys of a hearty life, but this is a deep misconception. There are popular myths that need to be debunked, according to coach Yurii Popko.

'Salt is white death'

According to the expert, salt is a beneficial micronutrient that should be included in the daily diet. It only becomes a problem when the daily intake exceeds the recommended amount.

The daily salt intake should be 5 grams, but people usually consume around 12 grams per day, which is 2.5 times the recommended amount.

Exceeding the norm exposes a person to hypertension and cardiovascular issues.

"It would be easy if we could track how much salt we use throughout the day," wrote the coach.

However, most dishes and products already contain salt. Manufacturers might not indicate the amount of salt in the product, leaving people unaware of their daily intake.

The expert recommends salting dishes after cooking, not during, as salting during cooking can lead to excessive use without realizing how much salt is in the final dish.

'Fewer spices make food less tasty but healthier'

If we are talking about seasonings and sauces with flavor enhancers, sugar, syrups, and other unnecessary ingredients, then this is true.

But these are all natural products if it's about salt, pepper, herbs, and spices. So, the more diverse the spices, the tastier and healthier the dish.

People who watch their diet eat more varied and delicious food than those who ignore what they eat.

'Fresh juices and smoothies are healthy food'

In reality, there is nothing healthy about these drinks.

Fresh juice contains water with sugar and a bit of vitamins, but the most beneficial part—the fiber—is discarded.

If you want to benefit from fruits and berries, eat them whole, chew them, and don't just extract the juice.

Smoothies are better than fresh juices because they retain the fiber.

"But smoothies still do not satiate as well as eating the whole fruit or berries. The more processed the product, the easier and quicker the body digests it," the coach says.

If you want a smoothie, it is better to make it from vegetables and greens rather than fruits or berries.

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