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2300 trucks queue at Ukraine-Poland border: Most difficult directions announced

2300 trucks queue at Ukraine-Poland border: Most difficult directions announced The situation on the border with Poland on March 7 (Photo:Getty Images)

As of the morning of Thursday, March 7, 2300 trucks queued at the border between Ukraine and Poland. The traffic situation is especially dire at three out of six blocked border checkpoints - Krakovets, Yagodyn, and Shehyni, according to Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

"As of this morning, this figure is almost 2300 freight vehicles in all six directions, where Polish farmers continue to block or complicate the passage for trucks. The largest congestion is opposite the checkpoints Krakovets and Yagodyn," he said.

Demchenko noted that Polish farmers continue to block truck traffic in both directions, from Ukraine to Poland and vice versa, particularly at the Yagodyn checkpoint.

"There are also small indicators in this direction in the opposite direction towards Ukraine. About 50 trucks crossed in the past day," he added.

Additionally, he mentioned that the situation is quite complex at the Shehyni checkpoint.

"If from Friday to Monday they completely blocked traffic for freight vehicles in both directions, then from Monday, they let through practically a minimal number of freight vehicles. For example, over the past day, 20 trucks crossed into Ukraine through this checkpoint, and only three trucks were accepted by the adjacent side heading towards Poland," the spokesperson stated.

Border blockade by Poland with Ukraine

On February 9, Polish farmers blocked three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine, complicating the movement of trucks and trains. Later, it became known that they had unblocked one of the border checkpoints with Ukraine - the Shehyni-Medyka checkpoint. On February 12, Polish farmers blocked two more checkpoints on the Ukraine border. They also continued their protest at the Medyka - Shehyni checkpoint.

Currently, 6 out of 9 border checkpoints with Poland are blocked. However, as Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal noted, despite the protests by Polish farmers and carriers, there have been no delays in delivering weapons or humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

On March 5, Polish farmers announced that they would continue their protests at the Ukrainian border until April 30.