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12 steps for financial success in 2024

12 steps for financial success in 2024 How to achieve financial success in the coming year (photo: Freepik)

To achieve financial success in the coming year, it's crucial to start changing habits now - monitor your expenses, skillfully structure your budget, and invest wisely. Financial expert Natalia Rudevich in her Instagram publication outlines the 12 steps that will help you attain financial success in the upcoming year.

How to achieve financial success next year

"Do you know that you're already laying the foundation for your financial well-being in 2024? If you want it to unfold differently, start taking action right now, don't wait for January 1. And those of you who complete all 12 points will undoubtedly feel rapid changes in your finances," writes Rudevich.

What to do right now:

  • Save 1000 UAH.
  • Open your bank app and buy 100 dollars.
  • Read any financial news.
  • Discuss budgeting with a colleague during lunch.
  • Record your current expenses.
  • Sign up for a free webinar or watch a live stream on financial topics.
  • Calculate the weeks until your next vacation and estimate how much you need to save per week to reach the necessary amount on time.
  • List 5 things you'd like to do in retirement (spa vacations, salon haircuts, coffee in a cafe) and calculate the required budget.
  • Watch a TED talk on consumption limitations (Less stuff, more happiness).
  • Figure out how to earn 3,000 UAH by the end of the week.
  • Calculate your hourly and yearly earnings.
  • Write down 30 variations of the phrase "Money is..."

12 steps for financial success in 2024What a financially literate person should know (screenshot)