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10 important things to do in three months of summer

10 important things to do in three months of summer 10 important things to do in summer (photo:

Summer flies by very quickly, and before we know it, everything starts to bloom, and very soon the evenings become colder, the crops need to be harvested, and the first yellow leaves appear on the ground.

RBC-Ukraine tells you what you need to do in three months of summer to get good impressions for the whole year ahead.

1. Taste all the summer berries and fruits

Have time to enjoy strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries - either from your own garden or from a plate. Buy peaches, plums, and apricots. Choose watermelons and melons. All this is not only a summer delicacy, but also a large supply of vitamins for the whole year ahead.

2. Read all the books you've been putting off

Take your books off the shelf this summer and enjoy reading. You probably have a summer reading list or a whole stack of books you've bought in recent months that you haven't had time to read yet. Allow yourself to have fun, cry, or laugh. Also, re-read what has been on your shelves for a long time.

3. Go on a roller coaster ride

Even if you are already 40 or 50 years old, go to the park for rides. You don't have to ride extreme carousels. Be sure to include a Ferris wheel in your program to see the whole city from a bird's eye view.

4. Wear something new and bright

Summer is the time when you should definitely wear something light, bright and enjoy a new outfit. If you don't have one, be sure to go to a seasonal sale and choose something for this summer.

5. Ice cream, iced coffee, and lemonade

Hot days are the best time to try ice lattes, frappes, and cold brews. You can also drink cold lemonade and eat delicious ice cream. You can also make lemonade or fruit drink at home, add different ingredients, and enjoy the flavors of summer.

6. Picnic in the countryside

Choose a day, gather a company, and go outdoors - have a picnic or even a weekend outing. Meet the sun in the morning, have breakfast with birds singing, sit by the fire in the evening, and swim in a lake or river.

7. Make supplies for the winter

Put all the berries that you couldn't eat in the freezer. In winter, you will get the taste and memories of summer. You can also dry herbs and leaves for tea, or you can make a few jars of delicious things.

8. Take a walk in the rain

In summer, you can go for a walk without an umbrella and not be afraid of catching a cold. Don't rush to find a canopy if you get caught in a summer downpour. Give yourself the opportunity to get wet, and then be sure to change into dry clothes and drink hot tea with raspberries.

9. Digital detox

Allow yourself at least one day without a smartphone, laptop, or the Internet. Give up making calls, watching TV, and using your tablet. Communicate with people only in person, live in the here and now, and enjoy what is around you now.

10. New location

Find a new beautiful location for your photos. It can be a completely new place for your vacation or some beautiful park in your hometown. Find a place where you feel good, comfortable, and calm.

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