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Zoo lioness suffers concussion as result of Russian shelling of Kyiv, video

Zoo lioness suffers concussion as result of Russian shelling of Kyiv, video The lioness got a concussion (Collage: RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

On the morning of January 2nd, Russia conducted another missile strike on Ukraine. The air defense forces destroyed over 60 cruise missiles and 10 Kinzhals. As a result of falling debris, the lioness Yuna from a wildlife center in Kyiv region suffered a concussion, according to a post from the Wildlife Rescue Center on Facebook.

"Today's morning was very distressing as our lioness Yuna got into a severe situation. As a result of a missile strike and a fall from about 300 meters away from her enclosure, she suffered a serious concussion," the message reads.

The animal experienced a complete loss of coordination.

Animal rights activists are convinced this is a consequence of the shelling since Yuna couldn't have hit or injured herself anywhere.

"She is already undergoing the necessary treatment, and we are relying on her recovery. Thank you for your concern and words of support during this difficult time. Your support is crucial for us and for Yuna," they ask for assistance in organizing.

You can contribute to helping the lioness by following this link.

Russian attack on Ukraine on January 2nd

Russian forces launched missiles on Ukraine early in the morning of January 2nd. Kyiv and Kharkiv were under heavy attack, with explosions heard in other regions as well.

According to preliminary information, Russian terrorists fired 99 missiles of various types and 35 Shahed kamikaze drones on Ukraine during the night and early morning of January 2nd. The air defense forces managed to destroy 72 missiles and all drones.