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You'll be surprised: How much weight can you gain from daily cappuccino for year?

You'll be surprised: How much weight can you gain from daily cappuccino for year? What you need to know about the calorie content of cappuccino (photo: Freepik)

Enjoying a cup of coffee is a common reason to meet up with friends. Almost no outing is complete without these drinks. Sometimes, we don't even realize how much latte, americano, or cappuccino we consume daily. At first, it may seem like harmless beverages that don't affect our figure, but in reality, they are quite calorie-dense.

Trainer Anita Lutsenko on Instagram discusses how much extra weight one can gain by drinking cappuccino daily for a year.

What to know about the caloric content of cappuccino

"I'm not against coffee; it's been proven that in small amounts, it can even be beneficial. But when it comes to black coffee, it's 0 calories and has no impact on weight. However, there are exceptions. If you drink it and then feel anxiety, which you later ease by eating, that's another question," says the trainer.

She adds that it's a different story with coffee with milk and sugar. For example, in cappuccino, latte, or similar drinks, it's about 130 calories per serving.

"30 drinks a month equals 3,900 calories, which is equivalent to 500 grams of fat if it exceeds the daily calorie intake norm. 1 cappuccino a day, 365 days a year - and you get an extra 47,750 calories, equivalent to 6 kg of fat," says Lutsenko.

Is it worth giving up coffee drinks completely?

"Change just one habit and see the results in a year, not in the plus, but in the minus. Given the catastrophic increase in obesity problems, this makes sense! If you don't like black coffee and mask its bitter taste with milk, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, syrup - maybe you don't like coffee?" says the trainer.

It's worth tracking to ensure that coffee drinks with milk and sugar fit into your daily calorie intake if you're not ready to give them up.

Lutsenko also emphasizes that this post is for informational purposes and is not a guide to action. The information is intended for healthy individuals. People with health problems are advised to consult a specialist to address individual issues.

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