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Will there be shelling? Defense Forces comment on putting Russian frigates to sea

Will there be shelling? Defense Forces comment on putting Russian frigates to sea What the withdrawal of Russian frigates to the Black Sea might mean (screenshot from the video)

The withdrawal of Russian frigates with "Caliber" missiles to the Black Sea could have several reasons. It might be regular saber-rattling, which the Kremlin tends to engage in, or a real threat due to Ukraine's actual launch and shelling, according to Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalia Humeniuk.

"According to our official information, the withdrawal of two missile frigates has been recorded. This amounts to 16 Kalibr missiles potentially ready for use. The naval grouping has been expanded to 8 units," said the spokesperson.

Humeniuk mentioned that one of them is in the Azov Sea, while seven continue to rotate and patrol in the Black Sea, but in the same conditionally "safe" area where they have been stationed for the past few months.

Two scenarios


As the spokesperson noted, the fact that the occupiers put surface missile carriers on duty may be saber-rattling.

"Since the enemy is trying with all its might to exert pressure on civilian navigation and threaten in all directions," says Humeniuk.

Real threat

On the other hand, according to her information, this could be a real escalation of missile danger.

"As there have been no missile strikes using sea-based missiles for a long time, such weapons could be used," the spokesperson suggested.

Situation at sea

In the Black Sea, two Russian missile frigates were detected, which the adversary put on combat duty on October 23.

Russian ships, presumably fearing new attacks, have become less likely to leave the waters temporarily occupied by Crimea. Later, it became known that Russia transferred 14 ships to Novorossiysk after the blows to the headquarters. In addition, Russian occupiers practically did not use the bays of Sevastopol for their ships. At the same time, they remain dependent on them.