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Why not shampooing for long is bad and can it cause hair loss? Trichologist explains

Why not shampooing for long is bad and can it cause hair loss? Trichologist explains Photo: Frequency of hair washing is connected to hair loss (

The frequency of hair washing has always been a subject of debate. Some believe that frequent washing is crucial, especially after the gym, to avoid greasy and dull locks. Others argue that hair should be washed as infrequently as possible to keep it healthy, reports Mirror.

Recently, a trend has emerged on TikTok where influencers refrain from washing their hair for an extended period, claiming that it prevents hair loss. However, this is not entirely accurate.

Is frequent head washing necessary?

Trichologist Kate Holden explained that excessively prolonged periods without washing hair may not always be beneficial.

"Shampooing our hair is vital to keep our hair and scalp clean," the expert reported.

"It removes the oil, dandruff, dirt, pollution, harmful microorganisms and residue of hair-care products that can cause scalp irritation, and dull, knotty and straw-like hair," noted the trichologist.

Kate also pointed out that using shampoo that is not suitable for your hair type can lead to damage or overload, which over time may result in damage to the hair.

"It is not beneficial to go for as long as possible without washing it, but you also don’t want to over wash your hair either," she added.

Instead of pondering how often one should wash their hair, Kate suggested paying more attention to hygiene products.

"It’s true that if you are shampooing daily with harsh shampoos, your scalp may create more sebum to try to compensate," emphasized Kate.

The trichologist recommended treating hair hygiene like the rest of the body.

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