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Why men have mistresses and how to prevent it

Why men have mistresses and how to prevent it Why do men have mistresses and how to prevent this (photo:

Betrayal, according to many people, is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. It often happens that the closest person not only betrays but actually starts another relationship on the side. It might seem that the marriage is strong, there are no quarrels, and the children are growing up, but the beloved has another woman. Why?

Ukrainian business and life coach, and sexologist Vitalii Kursik answered this question.

In a world where fidelity sometimes seems as rare as an honest politician, the question "Why do men have mistresses?" might sound rhetorical. But don't worry, we're here to break it all down - with humour, of course, because without it, things have been a bit dull lately.

First and foremost: men don't have mistresses because they're evil. No, it's more because they... get bored. Yes, boredom is the same thief that steals happiness from marriage, just as a pickpocket steals wallets.

A man can have it all: a loving wife, children who remember Father's Day (though few even know there is such a day), and even a dog that doesn't bark at the neighbors. But if he feels his life has become as predictable as the weather in Lviv, he might start seeking adventures... well, you know where.

Now to the second question: can infidelity be prevented? Oh, that's more difficult than finding a parking spot in the city center on a Friday night. But it's not entirely hopeless.

"The key to fidelity may lie in constantly renewing the relationship. This doesn't mean you need to have extreme dates on the edge of a volcano every week. Just keep the spark alive, organize surprises, occasionally change the routine. Maybe even have a romantic dinner... in the garage? Well, why not?" explains the expert.

Remember, mistresses are not always the answer to problems in a relationship. Sometimes they can be just... well, as they say, an extra headache.

"So, maybe it's better to put a little effort into your main relationship rather than seeking adventures on the side. And remember, if you do decide to have a romantic dinner in the garage, don't forget to turn off the car engine. Safety first!" advises Vitalii Kursik.