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Why anxiety is reason to consult doctor

Why anxiety is reason to consult doctor Anxiety is a reason to visit a doctor (photo: Freepik)

Anxiety is the same feeling that accompanies each of us, but many consider it normal. However, this is a reason to consult a medical practitioner, according to doctor Iryna Shymanska on the mental health platform at the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine.

Why should you consult a doctor if you are worried?

Anxiety is not just about mental health. A feeling of anxiety for no apparent reason can also be a symptom of thyroid disease, so the doctor advises in case of increased sweating, rapid heartbeat, sudden changes in body weight, irritability, you should contact your family doctor to rule out the possibility of the disease.

"If your family doctor is trained under the VO03 mhGAP program, he will be able to help with both physical and mental conditions. I took this course last year when more and more patients began to complain of increased anxiety and depression, bad mood. Against the background of stress, people often note irritability, apathy. I always ask not to delay, because not only improving well-being, but also strengthening mental health depends on timely detected and compensated diseases," - explains Svitlana.

Why anxiety is a reason to consult a doctorAnxiety is a reason to visit a doctor (photo: Freepik)

The doctor also reminds us that hormones of happiness - dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc. help us to hold on in difficult times. They are produced by the efforts of the nervous system. The production of these hormones will definitely increase if you actively and regularly do sports, listen to your favorite music, meditate and avoid stressful situations.

According to the doctor, you should add healthy food to your healthy habits. Remember, "correct" does not always equal "tasteless". Eating meat, fish, vegetables and fruits is an indispensable component of proper nutrition.

A good sleep, which lasts at least 8 hours, and walks in the fresh air will also help in the fight against a bad mood.