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White House makes statement on sending troops to Ukraine

White House makes statement on sending troops to Ukraine Photo: The White House made a statement about sending troops to Ukraine (Getty Images)

US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said that the United States of America would not send its soldiers to fight on the territory of Ukraine, reports Le Monde.

"President Biden has been clear that the United States will not send troops to fight in Ukraine," Watson said.

In this way, the White House reacted to the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, who did not rule out such a possibility in the long term.

According to Watson, Biden believes that “victory” required military aid currently, which is blocked by Congress.

What preceded

On February 26, a working meeting of about 20 European leaders took place in the Elysee Palace in Paris. The participants of the conference discussed ways of confronting Russia and possible ways of helping Ukraine in confronting the aggressor in the context of the aggravation of the situation at the front in recent weeks.

In particular, during the summit, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out that NATO would introduce troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, according to him, is that there is still no consensus on this issue.

However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposed sending NATO or EU troops to Ukraine, Czechia and Poland are also not considering such a possibility.

Spain and Italy also did not agree with France's proposal to send their ground troops to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was also categorical, stating that "there are no plans for NATO combat troops on the ground in Ukraine."

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