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What will happen if you eat one kilogram of tangerines

What will happen if you eat one kilogram of tangerines What will happen if you consume too many tangerines (photo: Freepik)

Everything is good in moderation. And as much as you might want to devour a whole bowl of tangerines in one sitting during the festive days, it's not advisable. Health problems can arise even from this seemingly healthy fruit, according to Dr. Yurii Haborets.

The expert says, tangerines are often treated with pesticides to make them ripen, and fungicides to transport. Therefore, nothing good will come from consuming 1 kg of tangerines.

"You can get a batch that's poisoned, which can lead to diarrhea and poisoning symptoms," warns the doctor.

He notes that one should not consume more than 300 g per day. Also, the peel should be discarded because it contains nothing, but chemicals might be present.

Haborets also points out that consistent consumption of a large quantity of tangerines can cause gastritis due to the high acidity. Vitamin C will be actively excreted by the kidneys, leading to the formation of stones.

This can also lead to fatty hepatosis because fructose is processed in the liver. Tangerines contain a lot of fructose, especially in the sweet ones. However, consuming up to 5 pieces a day can be beneficial because tangerines contain fiber, vitamins, and flavonoids.

If you're not allergic to these fruits, tangerines can be an excellent alternative to candies during the holidays and a filling for cakes and desserts.