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'We can all hear their plans': Azov fighter on end of war in Ukraine

'We can all hear their plans': Azov fighter on end of war in Ukraine Azov fighter tells about future prospects of war in Ukraine (Screenshot)
Author: Maria Kholina

"When will the war in Ukraine end?" Every Ukrainian thinks about this question. According to a fighter from the Azov battalion with the call sign "Niko," unfortunately, it won't happen anytime soon, citing the warrior's comment to TSN.

"When will the war in Ukraine end?" According to the fighter of the 12th Brigade of the Azov National Guard, Ukrainians will continue to fight for a long time because "the era of wars has already begun."

"It started a long time ago. Our country has been fighting for its independence, for its freedom, for its nationality for centuries," said Niko.

He is convinced that even if the conflict is "frozen," we shouldn't expect long-lasting peace. Russian invasion will still be looming over us after some time.

"They will gather strength and weapons again, and there will be another invasion. We all hear about their plans: Poland, Germany, France. They can't pass through us. It's a miracle we're holding on because most are motivated, and there are still forces. I think this war will drag on for a long time," the soldier said.

Niko also forecasted that the next generation of Ukrainians will have to fight as well.

"And we need to prepare, whenever there's time, we need to prepare for all of this. We need to raise the level of tactical medicine, fire training tactics," the fighter summed up.

Who is Niko?

This full-scale invasion caught the man in the Kharkiv region, near Chuhuyiv. His village was the last one before the Russian army stopped. Being pretty much on the front line, he immediately tried to join the territorial defense forces.

Together with a friend, he had to venture twice into temporarily occupied territories to buy food for their families and village residents.

After the situation escalated, he was forced to leave his hometown with his family.

After that, he joined the then 92nd separate assault brigade in a separate motorized infantry battalion. He took part in liberating the Kharkiv region and later in battles in the Luhansk region.

During one of the missions, he suffered a severe injury, leading to the amputation of his leg. Despite this, Niko continued his service in the legendary 12th Azov brigade of the Nationa Guard of Ukraine.