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Victoria Beckham reveals makeup-free morning beauty routine

Victoria Beckham reveals makeup-free morning beauty routine Victoria Beckham (Photo:

Victoria Beckham has shared a new Instagram video where the star intricately describes and demonstrates her morning skincare routine without a drop of makeup.

Victoria Beckham showcased her morning skincare routine

The 49-year-old star revealed insights into her domestic life by demonstrating her own morning skincare using products from her cosmetics line.

In the makeup-free video, recorded in New York, she applied several products from her cosmetic line during the process.

"So here I am in New York, just cleansed my face. I'm makeup-free, and I'm going to show you what I do every day as part of my skincare routine," Beckham addressed her followers.

In the video, wearing a white robe with a towel on her head, she showcased cosmetics on her phone camera before applying each product separately.

First up was the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, which she dispensed onto her palm, rubbed her hands together, and started massaging it into her face.

"And what I like about this powerful serum is that it's not sticky at all. I like to pay a lot of attention to the eye area because it moisturizes," described the fashion designer.

"I also noticed a difference in fine lines around the eyes using the serum and my moisturizer Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer. It feels so nice on the skin. I like it," Victoria added.

Beckham also shared another secret with her fans: she massages her hands with any leftover product.

"I think we often forget about our hands. Hands and neck are as important as the face. And that's what I do twice a day, every day. Now I'm prepared and ready to apply makeup," Beckham concluded in the video.