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Verkhovna Rada preparing major changes to mobilization in Ukraine: Will they leave postponement?

Verkhovna Rada preparing major changes to mobilization in Ukraine: Will they leave postponement? Verkhovna Rada preparing major changes to mobilization in Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is working on a new bill regarding mobilization in Ukraine. This may include requirements for deferment and rules for students, but the final text is not yet available.

All details about possible changes regarding mobilization - in the material by RBC-Ukraine.

During the material preparation, sources such as exclusive comments from MP Oleksandr Zavitnevych, other MPs, and the Facebook of MP Mariana Bezuhla were used.

The preparation of the bill was announced today by the Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Mariana Bezuhla.

The fact that a new document was prepared was confirmed in the comments to RBC-Ukraine by the head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, Oleksandr Zavitnevych. At the same time, the MP clarified that a working group is preparing the bill's text, but there are no final proposals yet.

"This bill is being worked out within the committee's working group framework. This working group is inter-factional. The committee has not considered anything at the meeting yet. In addition, the bill's text has not yet been registered, so we cannot comment on any provisions at this stage. Everything is at the discussion stage," he said.

What changes may be introduced?

MP Mariana Bezuhla named the current list of main changes that may be made to the mobilization law in her Facebook, including:

  • A new additional leave with retention of financial support for 90 calendar days for service members released from captivity (except those who refused to continue service and wish to be discharged);
  • New grounds for dismissal (including due to release from captivity or due to the presence of disability of I or II group, termination of the contract for female cadets, or due to organizational measures in intelligence units, the Security Service, the State Border Guard Service);
  • The circle of persons entitled to deferment for the care of a person with disabilities of I and II groups or a person who, according to the conclusion of the Medical and Social Expert Commission, requires constant care is reduced to first-degree relatives (parents and parents-in-law, children, children-in-law, including adopted ones).
  • Military conscripts who have a spouse with a disability of the III group lose the right to deferment;
  • Changes are expected to eliminate the possibility of avoiding conscription by obtaining a second, third higher education or higher military education;
  • The list of persons taken into military registration is expanded, including:
  1. Those who served in the armed forces of other states before acquiring Ukrainian citizenship;
  2. Those who were convicted of committing a criminal offense to imprisonment, restriction of liberty, including exemption from serving a sentence;
  3. Those who, after completing higher education institutions, were awarded military (special) ranks of officer (junior commanding staff) or received officer ranks after completing military training under the reserve officer training program.

How likely are the changes to be implemented?

The fact that such a bill was prepared was confirmed in the comments to RBC-Ukraine on condition of anonymity by another MP, noting that "the likelihood is high regarding students."

"It is difficult to make predictions at the moment. The draft is being finalized by the committee. But overall, the likelihood is high regarding students," the interlocutor told the publication.