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Unlock success: Key rituals for a happy New Year

Unlock success: Key rituals for a happy New Year What rituals for the New Year will help attract happiness (photo: Freepik)

The New Year becomes a reason for many to change their lives for the better and actively move towards realizing their dreams. To ensure your wishes come true next year, certain rituals need to be performed.

RBC-Ukraine shares tips on what to do on January 1 to make the next year a happy one for you. Materials from New York Post, Mamas Latinas, and Wikipedia were used in preparing this publication.

What to do to make dreams come true

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the New Year, so it should be decorated in a way that contributes to the realization of your desires. For those dreaming of finding love, hang a decoration shaped like a red heart on the New Year tree. Couples aspiring to become parents next year should adorn the tree with a baby pacifier, toy, or any item associated with infants.

If getting rich is on your agenda for the next year, place several coins or even paper bills under the Christmas tree. To attract wealth, also consider placing coins under the plates on the festive table – for yourself and your guests. Some even suggest putting coins in shoes to "stand firm financially" in the coming year.

Ensure that the New Year's decor is in a golden hue as it symbolizes prosperity. To appease the host of the upcoming year, the Dragon, incorporate the color green into the decorations.

Another ritual for attracting financial success in the next year involves dropping your gold ornament into a champagne glass before the first toast, and then drinking to the bottom.

When preparing the festive table, make sure all the dishes are intact, without cracks or chips. Also, it's customary to dress in new clothes as it has long been believed to attract success in the coming year.

Traditionally, Ukrainians used to go sowing on the first day of the new year. Due to the transition to the new church calendar, this year they will sow on January 1 instead of the 13th as it was before. So, consider welcoming sowers at your home, as they wish you good and prosperity for the next year.

Letter of wishes and forgiveness

Write your letter of wishes. Feel free to include anything you desire, even if it seems like these dreams are unattainable. It's also worth writing a letter of forgiveness. Reflect on what you've blamed yourself for throughout this year and what feelings you don't want to carry into the next year.

It's important not only to put this into words but also to genuinely forgive yourself for certain failures and mistakes. You can then burn this letter on a dish and toss the ashes from the balcony or window.

Unlock success: Key rituals for a happy New YearWrite a letter of wishes and a letter of forgiveness for the New Year (photo: Freepik)

"Happy bath" ritual

Since January 1 marks the beginning of the annual cycle, it's symbolic to cleanse yourself. So, take a bath with scents that promote what you want to manifest in the New Year. Add lavender and rosemary, although you can combine any scents you prefer. While soaking in the bath, think about what you would like to receive from life in the upcoming year. For a complete relaxation atmosphere, light scented candles.