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Ukrainian General comments on possible offensive on northern Ukraine

Ukrainian General comments on possible offensive on northern Ukraine Photo: Possible offensive from the north of Ukraine (illustration/Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

At the moment, the contingent accumulated on the territory of Ukraine and Russia does not allow the occupiers to attempt a breakthrough in northern Ukraine, according to the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhii Naiev.

Belarus threat

As for the Republic of Belarus, according to Naiev, there are 1,800 servicemen of the Special Operations Forces on the border, in the southern part of Belarus - two battalions of the Airborne Assault Troops of the Republic of Belarus, as well as a tactical artillery group and, accordingly, border guards.

"The main forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus are located in the depths of the territory. There is a small contingent of the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of Belarus. These are five aircraft, 24 S-300 and S-400 launchers, six Pantsyr S-1 systems, and up to 2000 personnel working in the unified air defense system of Belarus and the Russian Federation. There is no more potential there. Therefore, no offensive potential has been created at this time," he says.

Russia threat

According to the General, there are about 21,000 personnel along the 1,000 km of the contact line with Russia - two groups that have been created there, Kursk and Bryansk, and these groups have units built in a mirror image of the combat formations of Ukrainian forces.

"There is also no combat potential there. To a certain extent, they are there to cover the Russian state border with Ukraine and are trying to inflict losses on us. Therefore, the situation is currently such that there is no offensive potential in any direction in the Northern Operational Zone," Naiev says.

The situation in Belarus

In December last year, the head of the Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukashenko, claimed that all Russian nuclear weapons that were planned to be delivered to Belarus were already allegedly in the country. In January of this year, the WSJ found out that Russia was deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus near the borders of NATO countries.

In May 2023, the Defense Ministers of Russia and Belarus agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. At the same time, Lukashenko stated that Russia's tactical nuclear weapons would allegedly "never be used."

In this regard, for example, Poland decided to send 500 law enforcement officers to its border with Belarus, and Ukraine began to further strengthen its northern borders.