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Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled two Russian attacks in Kharkiv region since last day

Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled two Russian attacks in Kharkiv region since last day Photo: Ukrainian military (Getty Images)

Since the beginning of the day on July 6, Russian occupation forces have carried out four attacks in the operational and tactical unit (OTU) Kharkiv zone in the northern part of the Kharkiv region. As of the morning, two of these attacks have been repelled, according to the spokesperson for OTU Kharkiv, Yuriy Povkh.

According to him, eight combat engagements have occurred over the past day in OTU Kharkiv's area of responsibility. Attacks occurred near the settlements of Vovchansk, Hlyboke, Starytsia, and Lyptsi.

"With the beginning of the new day, the enemy launched offensive actions, carrying out four attacks, two of which have already been repelled as of the morning," Povkh noted.

He also reported that over the past day, in the area of responsibility of OTU Kharkiv, the enemy lost 134 personnel killed and wounded.
Additionally, Ukrainian intelligence has recorded the movement of Russian personnel in Vovchansk. Thus, Povkh believes the Russians are trying to restore combat readiness in Vovchansk and other settlements.

At the same time, he noted that there is no official report of enemy advancement in the Vovchansk area.
The spokesperson for OTU Kharkiv also said that Ukrainian intelligence periodically detects the presence of Akhmat units. However, as usual, they are not present on the front line but are used as so-called blocking detachments.

"Their presence was recorded, but they disappeared just as quickly, and units of the military police of the Russian Federation were found at those positions," Povkh added.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has returned thousands of equipment to the Armed Forces. This process took place within the framework of resource optimization.
"The return to service of surplus property will allow for optimized expenses and quickly provide the troops with necessary resources," said Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Dzhygyr.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that this week, Russia launched over 600 guided bombs, more than 60 Shahed drones, and nearly 40 missiles of various types toward Ukraine.