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U.S. urges Israel to scale down operations in Gaza Strip by end of the year

U.S. urges Israel to scale down operations in Gaza Strip by end of the year The U.S. urges Israel to reduce the scale of operations in the Gaza Strip (photo: Getty Images)

The White House has called on Israel's military and political leadership to reduce the scale of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip by the end of the year, according to The New York Times.

The request from the White House is not for a complete cessation of hostilities but rather a reduction in the number of military groups involved in the Israel Defense Forces' operation in the Gaza Strip, according to sources cited by the publication.

President Joe Biden is reportedly seeking an end to the extensive military operations in the region within the next three weeks. Unnamed sources also note that the question of scaling back the military operation in the Gaza Strip has been discussed by President Biden's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, during visits to Israel.

Israel-Hamas war

Hamas militants carried out an incursion into Israel in early October, prompting the Israel Defense Forces to launch Operation Iron Blades.

On November 24, a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas began to facilitate the release of hostages. In addition, the parties agreed to a four-day ceasefire, which was later extended for another two days on the condition that the militants release most of the hostages.

On December 1, Israel resumed military operations in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Ministry of Defense stated that Hamas militants had violated the terms of the ceasefire.

Yesterday, on December 14, the White House announced that the United States wants the war between Israel and Hamas to end as soon as possible. However, Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, stated that Israel's war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip could last several more months.