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Tucker Carlson may face EU sanctions due to interview with Putin

Tucker Carlson may face EU sanctions due to interview with Putin Photo: Tucker Carlson (Getty Images)

The European Union (EU) may introduce sanctions against American propagandist Tucker Carlson due to the latter's interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, reports Newsweek.

What happened

Carlson visited Russia this week, and already yesterday, February 6, he announced that he would soon publish an interview with the Russian dictator.

As the propagandist explained, he intends to interview Putin because, allegedly, "most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine or what his goals are now."

Currently, the content of the interview is still unknown, however, it is expected that it will be favorable to Russia since the propagandist has repeatedly defended the aggressor country.

In particular, Carlson said that he also requested an interview with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

EU may introduce sanctions

According to the former prime minister of Belgium and current member of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, an interview with Putin could lead to the fact that the former Fox News presenter will find himself in conflict with the EU.

"As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well," one of the lawmakers said.

As the article explains, to include a person on the EU sanctions list, it is necessary to present evidence for consideration by the EU External Affairs Service. After that, the case will be referred to the European Council - a body consisting of the leaders of the EU countries, who, for their part, will make the final decision on the introduction of restrictions.

"He (Tucker Carlson, - ed.) is no longer a newsman, but a propagandist for the most heinous regime on European soil and the one which is most dangerous to our peace and security," said former member of the European Parliament Luis Garicano.

Another member of the European Parliament, Urmas Paet, emphasized that Putin is not only the president of an aggressor country but also a person wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused of genocide and war crimes.

"Carlson wants to give a platform to someone accused of crimes of genocide - this is wrong. If Putin has something to say he needs to say it in front of the ICC. At the same time Carlson is not being a real journalist since he has clearly expressed his sympathy for the Russian regime and Putin and has constantly disparaged Ukraine, the victim of Russian aggression. So, for such propaganda for a criminal regime, you can end up on the list of sanctions. This concerns primarily travel ban to EU countries," Paet added.