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Trump wins in intra-party elections in Iowa

Trump wins in intra-party elections in Iowa U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (photo: Getty Images)

It is preliminary estimated that Donald Trump won in the Republican Party caucuses in Iowa, reports CNN.

Trump has already secured 17 delegates from the state of Iowa for the Republican Convention, where the party will nominate its candidate.

Трамп переміг на внутрішньопартійних виборах в Айові

Photo: Preliminary results of the Republican Party caucuses in Iowa (

Caucuses in Iowa

In most states, elections proceed as usual: voters need to show up, cast their vote, or, in extreme cases, send in a mail-in ballot.

In Iowa, voters must appear in person. Caucuses are gatherings of the public that take place in venues like churches, schools, theaters, or regular homes. Voters need to attend in person and arrive at a specific time, usually 7 p.m.

In Iowa, when voters arrive, representatives of each candidate declare their support, and then the voting process takes place.

Elections 2024 in the United States

The upcoming presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for November 5, 2024. The two primary political parties participating in the elections are the Democratic and Republican parties.

According to polling results, Trump emerged as a leader on the eve of the primaries in the United States.