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Top 5 food trends for 2024: Nutritionist's opinion

Top 5 food trends for 2024: Nutritionist's opinion What will be food trends next year (Photo: Freepik)

In recent years, there has been a growing popularity of trends in the food industry that aim for complete ecological sustainability of products and maximum rational use, minimizing waste. The year 2024 will be no exception, and new trends are expected to emerge, states nutritionist Anastasiia Holoborodko on Instagram.

Plant-based diet

According to Holoborodko, the plant-based diet will become even more powerful. It's not just about alternatives like "plant-based burgers" and vegan pancakes but specifically plant-based food. The shorter the list of ingredients, the more straightforward - the cooler.

"There is talk about the comeback of cocoa, and also buckwheat - it's not often consumed globally, but here they remembered that it is nutritious, rich in micronutrients, and gluten-free," says the nutritionist.

Adaptogens and food influencing hormones and neurotransmitters

Adaptogens are medicinal substances and biologically active supplements that facilitate the body's adaptation to various adverse influences: cold, heat, lack of oxygen, ionizing radiation, industrial pollution, and enhance physical and mental performance and stress resistance.

Holoborodko notes that this includes higher fungi and not just in supplements. For example, "coffee" with adaptogens, high-quality green teas with good doses of GABA and theanine. There will also be a significant focus on food that supports female hormones.


"We waste a lot of food, don't eat it. We keep it for a long time, don't optimize it. But in next year's trends - reducing food waste, and also processing seeds, husks, bones, and plastic for a new biological cycle," explains the nutritionist.


Next year, the focus will shift to adequate aquaculture, certification, non-governmental organizations regulating, supporting, and monitoring water farms, filtration, and coastal ecosystems in general.

Spicy dishes

"Chili and its varieties, smoking with spiciness, spicy sauces, varieties of vinegar, sausages, soups, cocoa with chili - this is a new whirlwind of spiciness in the kitchen."

According to Holoborodko, coffee with mushrooms will be popular. This trend has been ongoing for over 3 years and remains relevant

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