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Tips for keeping your hands and feet warm

Tips for keeping your hands and feet warm Photo: How to stay warm when it's cold (

As the cold weather sets in, we often face the problem of cold extremities. Here are some tips on how to warm up your hands and feet, according to a post on Instagram by pediatrician Darina Vlasenko:

Warming up your feet

Use a heating pad across. Use a heating pad across key areas such as the lower back and on the feet when resting at night. This can help your blood vessels open up and provide better blood flow to the feet.

  • Hold something warm, like a warm drink, in your hands.

  • Quick massage. Vigorously massage your hands or feet.

  • Keep hand warmers handy.

  • Use disposable or reusable chemical hand and foot warmers when you are outdoors in the cold.

Other tips:

  • Wear gloves.

  • Opt for mittens instead of gloves because mittens keep fingers together and retain warmth.

  • Treat hands and feet with paraffin. After dipping your hands in paraffin, put a plastic bag on them to retain heat, then wrap your hands with towels.

  • Use moist heat. These are moist heat packs that you can heat in the microwave. They are filled with beans, rice, or other grains that release moist heat when heated in the microwave.

These tips can help you stay warm and comfortable during the colder months.

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