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This diet doesn't work at all, only harms your health

This diet doesn't work at all, only harms your health Which diet only harms your health (photo: Freepik)

In today's world, there are thousands of different methods to lose excess weight. However, often, when following a particular diet, a person may not lose weight and may even harm their health, according to dietitian and family doctor Julia Koval.

The worst way to lose weight

The body requires energy to function and meet all its needs. According to the dietitian, the resting metabolic rate (the energy expenditure when the body is at rest) accounts for the largest part of the total energy expenditure.

Moreover, there is an opinion that to lose weight, one needs to cut down their diet and follow a low-calorie diet.

"Low-calorie diets can be considered diets with a daily intake of 800 - 1200 calories. This is the principle behind most weight loss challenges on social media," the message states.

Julia Koval added that there will be results, but with this type of eating, the number on the scale will only be pleasing at the end.

What to be prepared for

However, a person should be prepared for the fact that:

  • the weight will return as soon as you go back to your regular eating habits. There's a high chance it will return even more than before

  • metabolism slows down; the body shifts into an "economizing" mode and starts using its muscle tissue and fat for energy

  • nutrient and fiber deficiencies can occur

  • lack of energy, feelings of fatigue, weakness, and headaches

  • unpleasant taste and odor from the mouth

  • loss of motivation and a higher risk of developing eating disorders.

"Perhaps it's time to understand that behind the promised quick results, there's something else waiting for you, and that the weight loss process should be viewed from a long-term perspective," says the dietitian.

What should a diet be like

Success on a quick diet is merely an illusion because any weight loss is likely to be from water rather than fat.

The best diet is the one you can stick to for life. In particular, it should be:

  • tasty
  • nutritious
  • safe
  • not causing feelings of hunger
  • balanced
  • varied

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