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Things that harm happiness in marriage the most

Things that harm happiness in marriage the most Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Relationships between husband and wife are among the most crucial aspects of life, offering deep love and connection. However, harmful habits and unhealthy beliefs can hinder these bonds, according to HuffPost.

Comparing your relationship to others

Abigail Makepeace, a family therapist from Los Angeles, warns that constant attempts to gauge how your marriage measures up to others can be detrimental to relationships. "Comparison generally leads to a negative self-view," says Makepeace. It's essential to remember that you only get a glimpse of another couple's life.

Instead of focusing on external comparisons, spend time reflecting on how you've grown as a couple and the challenges you've overcome.

Having children

Studies have shown that people's lives undergo significant changes after the birth of children, especially during the first year. While children can bring deep love and joy to a couple's life, they can also cause stress. Makepeace acknowledges that the arrival of children puts strain on a marriage due to new responsibilities.

Expecting your partner to always stay the same

Many erroneously believe that the person they marry on their wedding day will remain unchanged over time. Give yourself and your partner the space needed for learning and growth.

Putting yourself last

If you hate your body, consistently put your personal aspirations aside, and disregard your emotional well-being, it becomes challenging to be your best self within the relationship. Allocate time each day for self-care, as it contributes to self-confidence, a positive outlook, and overall happiness.

Avoiding help or support

One of the most significant threats to happiness is avoiding the acknowledgment that you and your partner may need support throughout your lives. Relying on others when needed is a sign of strength, not weakness.