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Sunscreen smarts: Choosing best SPF for your skin and budget

Sunscreen smarts: Choosing best SPF for your skin and budget Photo: The difference between expensive sunscreen and cheap sunscreen (

Sunscreen in the summer is an essential item. It protects the skin from the sun's rays and helps prevent cancer.

The Sun explains the main differences between cheap and high-quality SPF.

Why is sunscreen so expensive

One of the main reasons sunscreen can be so expensive is the high-quality ingredients and complex formulas needed to create adequate sun protection.

Manufacturers must invest in sourcing ingredients and purchasing components that meet strict safety and efficacy standards to create a product that protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This involves finding reliable suppliers and ensuring that the raw materials are pure, potent, and, for some brands, environmentally friendly.

As consumer preferences evolve and new information about sun protection needs becomes available, companies continuously strive for innovative formulations, such as products with unique textures and improved water resistance, while maintaining strong UVA and UVB filters.

How expensive should sunscreen be

For example, the price of sunscreen in Ukraine ranges from 100 UAH ($2) to 3000 UAH ($75).

While it would be logical to assume that a more expensive SPF offers better protection, this is not always true.

The difference between cheap and expensive SPF

The main difference between cheap SPF and expensive SPF is the price. The active ingredients in various sunscreens are very similar, regardless of the brand's cost.

Sunscreens use physical filters, which protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays by acting as a shield or mirror, or chemical filters, which form a thin protective film that absorbs ultraviolet radiation before it penetrates the skin.

"There are a certain number of FDA-approved active ingredients in sunscreens, which are present in all creams. The difference is only in additional oils and ingredients that provide additional health benefits for the skin," said dermatologist Brendan Kemp.

Is it worth buying expensive SPF cream

In short, it depends on your wallet. Some premium brands offer the promised protection, but you can also find a suitable product in the budget segment.

For example, in the UK, some supermarkets sell own-brand lotions, which cost only 3 pounds and perform better than expensive brand creams, according to consumer leader Which.