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Study reveals simple trick for better-tasting coffee

Study reveals simple trick for better-tasting coffee Study reveals simple trick for better-tasting coffee (

For quite some time, coffee enthusiasts kept the idea that adding a small amount of water to the coffee beans before grinding could yield a noticeable flavor difference. It was confirmed by the study at the University of Oregon, according to CNN.

The study delved into the origins of this technique, initially conceived as a solution to the often messy process of making coffee, and examined its influence on the resulting taste.

The chaos in the coffee-making process stems from static electricity generated by friction when coffee beans collide. This static charge causes the ground coffee particles to repel each other, similar to magnets with the same polarity, dispersing them in all directions.

Adding water can mitigate this effect through a process known as the "Ross droplet" technique.

“When you grind coffee, it goes everywhere,” said study coauthor Christopher Hendon. “Dust comes out of the grinder, it’s like a plume that covers everything. But if you add a little water, it seems to not go everywhere. It’s cleaner. That was the primary reason people did it.”

Origins of the technique

According to Hendon, it was initially proposed by an enthusiast on a home barista forum and "has its roots in the materials production industry, such as wood pulping."

Originally conceived as a method to minimize mess, the practice evolved into a more sophisticated approach to achieving a superior brew. The underlying theory was that by reducing static electricity, water not only prevented ground coffee from scattering but also hindered the formation of microscopic clumps during brewing.

The issue with clumps lies in their hindrance to water flow, leaving some coffee untouched and, consequently, flavor behind. In other words, they diminish the amount of coffee dissolved in the liquid that ends up in the cup.

“If you add a sufficient amount of water, you can also remove the formation of the clumps,” Hendon noted. “You will in principle achieve higher extractions or less waste.”

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