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Strengthening self-esteem: 7 effective ways

Strengthening self-esteem: 7 effective ways How to boost zour self-esteem (

Self-esteem plays a crucial role in everyone's life, influencing our ability to express ourselves in various life spheres and achieve our goals. There are effective ways to strengthen self-esteem, according to Klepka Mental on Instagram.

Why self-esteem decreases

If a person's self-worth is diminished due to prolonged negative experiences, it often occurs when close people devalue one's achievements, dreams, and words. Indifference from loved ones significantly impacts self-esteem, as receiving support is crucial. Self-perception also affects self-esteem, as a person may accomplish a lot but not be satisfied with themselves. However, in such cases, individuals can help themselves by completing several tasks that can elevate their self-worth.

7 effective ways to boost self-esteem

1. Identify positive impact

  • Take a notebook and pen.
  • Write down the names of three people whose lives you make better and easier.

2. Acknowledge achievements

  • Jot down three significant achievements you consider important.

3. Recognize talents

  • Highlight and write down five talents or abilities integral to your personality.

4. Accept compliments

  • Specify four compliments that you always enjoy hearing from others.

5. Seek external perspective

  • Ask friends or a loved one to name three of your strengths.

6. Spend quality time alone

  • Choose one active solo activity to enjoy your time alone.

7. Progress toward goals:

  • List several steps you have taken to move closer to your main life goal.

These actions can help individuals assess themselves adequately and understand aspects they can take pride in. It's essential to note that the suggested methods are recommendations that can provide support but may not drastically change fluctuations in self-esteem. Ultimately, the power to strengthen self-esteem lies within you.

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