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Skincare expert shares 5 tips for eliminating 'wine face'

Skincare expert shares 5 tips for eliminating 'wine face' Photo: Skincare expert shares 5 tips for eliminating 'wine face' (GettyImages)

Skin specialist Emma Wedgwood shares five essential tips to mitigate the effects of "wine face," a term for the visible effects of alcohol consumption on the skin, according to The Sun.

Wedgwood explains that alcohol leads to dehydration, causing symptoms like a dull complexion, puffiness, redness around the eyes, and chapped lips, and can even hinder collagen production, leading to premature aging.

"For individuals with pre-existing skin conditions, alcohol can worsen symptoms, leading to increased redness and inflammation over time," Wedgwood said.

To counteract these effects, she recommends hydrating eye creams with hyaluronic acid, quality lip balms, anti-aging products with retinol focused on the forehead, calming lotions for skin redness, and targeted skincare extending to the neck.

Additionally, everyday practices like applying sunscreen, moisturizing, and using tools like gua sha for facial massage can help revitalize the skin.

Experienced nurse

Emma Wedgwood is a Registered Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber with 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. Initially trained at St Bartholomew's School of Nursing, she developed her career within the NHS, particularly in intensive care settings.

In 2017, she transitioned her specialty to medical aesthetics, focusing on skincare and aesthetic treatments.

Emma Wedgwood offers various skincare services as a skin specialist and aesthetic nurse. She is mainly known for providing advice on alleviating "wine face," including eye creams, lip balms, and neck skincare recommendations.

"Wine face" concept

The concept of "wine face" arises from the common physical effects of alcohol consumption, particularly skin health. Alcohol's dehydrating nature impacts the body's overall hydration, leading to various skin issues.

Wedgwood's expertise in skincare and aesthetics has led her to identify specific symptoms related to alcohol consumption and propose targeted skincare routines to address these issues.

Her tips provide practical solutions for those experiencing the skin effects of alcohol, emphasizing the importance of hydration, targeted treatments, and regular skincare practices.

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