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Simple tip to prevent bananas from darkening quickly

Simple tip to prevent bananas from darkening quickly Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Bananas at room temperature have a tendency to quickly develop dark spots, leading many people to discard them rather than consume or cook with them. However, there's a trick to keep bananas fresh and yellow for longer, according to Wprost.

How to prevent bananas from darkening

In some households, when banana peels start to darken, these fruits end up in the trash bin, as the appearance puts off many individuals. Although ripe bananas with dark spots are perfectly edible, there are ways to extend their appetizing appearance.

Upon returning home from the store, wrapping banana peels in aluminum foil is a recommended practice. This is because bananas release the most ethylene gas, which accelerates ripening, through their stems. By employing this simple method, bananas can retain their lovely yellow color for a longer time.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy their freshness for an extended period, besides wrapping the stem in foil, hanging them by a string above the kitchen counter is an option.

While not everyone may find this practical, bananas can also be placed in a basket to ensure proper ventilation, slowing down the ripening process and the appearance of brown spots, and ultimately, darkening.

Key rules for storing bananas

However, there's another trick. If you have a bunch of bananas at home, make sure to separate them into individual fruits. When bananas don't touch other fruits, the ripening process is delayed. It's crucial to be cautious and avoid storing bananas next to apples, as this leads to their rapid darkening.

Bananas should not be kept in the refrigerator, as the low temperature causes a loss of some of their nutritional value. The best storage is in a shaded area at room temperature. However, avoid placing them close to a stove, oven, or radiator.

Can you eat dark bananas?

Bananas are a quick and nutritious snack, an ideal addition to a healthy diet. Many people wonder if it's okay to eat fully ripened dark bananas, where the peel is no longer perfectly yellow and appetizing.

Turns out, they are absolutely edible and often considered sweeter and more aromatic compared to lighter ones. You can make smoothies or banana bread, or banana pancakes with ripe bananas.