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Signs of jealousy: Psychologist reveals how to spot if your friend envies you

Signs of jealousy: Psychologist reveals how to spot if your friend envies you Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Female friendship doesn't always bring the emotions everyone expects. But if there's black jealousy from a friend's side - the friendship quickly falls apart.

RBC-Ukraine reports on signs that indicate your friend is jealous of you.

The following sources were used in writing the material: the Instagram page of psychologist Iryna Kulik and the Psychologer website.

Signs your friend is jealous of you

Jealousy is a feeling familiar to everyone. When a friend is jealous, it's noticeable from her facial expression and negative comments.

A psychologist named the main signs indicating that your friend is jealous:

  • When someone compliments you, she belittles it. For example, someone says, "You have a very nice sweater," and the friend responds, "Oh, she bought it at a thrift store."
  • When you're in a group, she tries to attract all the attention to herself, especially when you're being praised or asked for your opinion.
  • When you have problems, she has a lot of advice for you, but when things are going well for you, she doesn't share your achievements or success.

If you notice that your friend is copying your style, way of speaking, and even some quirks, rest assured - she's jealous of you. A friend mimics your behavior because she wants to be like you.

Jealous friends love to imitate. Of course, she might just be a fan of your style. But if your friend wants to speak like you, it's worth thinking about.

How to deal with jealousy

Talk to her openly

Avoid using the word "jealousy" in the conversation. Address the issue that needs to be resolved.

In particular, if you feel that she is jealous of your relationship with your partner, help her find her soulmate.

If your friend is jealous of your appearance, help her change.

Never belittle her

Never diminish her successes and achievements, even if they are small compared to yours. Help your friend feel confident.

If all else fails, and jealousy remains present in your friendship, it may be time to take decisive steps.

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