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Several EU countries will improve medical care for Ukrainians

Several EU countries will improve medical care for Ukrainians Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The European Commission has launched a project within the framework of the EU4Health program aimed at improving the access of Ukrainian refugees to healthcare systems in 10 EU countries, allocating €4 million for this initiative over a period of 24 months, according to DW.

The project is designed to enhance the capacity of national healthcare systems to handle the influx of Ukrainian refugees. It also seeks to improve patients' access to medical assistance while temporary protection measures are in place.

Efforts to enhance access to healthcare services for Ukrainian refugees are planned in Poland, Czechia, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

The project also aims at broader coverage of refugees with medical services, including vaccination. Furthermore, there is a focus on greater integration of displaced healthcare workers from Ukraine into the healthcare systems of the host countries.

According to recent Eurostat data, approximately 4.2 million Ukrainians in Europe are under temporary protection. Poland hosts over 950,000 people who fled the war in Ukraine, the Czech Republic shelters 366,000 Ukrainians with temporary protection status, Romania has over 84,000, Bulgaria has over 52,000, and Hungary is home to 53,000 Ukrainian refugees.

We previously reported on the challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees in accessing healthcare in Czechia, where Ukrainians often require medical assistance but encounter long wait times for appointments and the requirement of having a referral.

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees travel back home to visit a doctor. Besides the extended wait times for medical appointments abroad, inadequate treatment is a significant issue.

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