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Scientists identify optimal temperature for life on Earth

Scientists identify optimal temperature for life on Earth What is the most favorable temperature for all living creatures on Earth? (Collage RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

An international group of scientists has identified the most favorable temperature for living organisms on Earth. It is precisely at this temperature that living beings can not only survive but also reproduce, according to The Conversation.

According to scientists, the most optimal temperature on Earth for all living organisms is 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature is considered the best for both terrestrial and aquatic species, as well as for microorganisms. This temperature is crucial for the efficiency of biological processes due to the molecular properties of water in cells.

It is worth noting that the efficiency of chemical processes inside cells increases with rising temperatures. However, when it becomes too hot, efficiency quickly decreases.

Examples show that temperatures above 20 degrees lead to a decrease in various important indicators:

  • Tolerance of marine and freshwater species to low oxygen levels
  • Productivity of marine pelagic (open water) and benthic (sea bottom) algae, as well as the level of fish predation on bait
  • Global species richness of pelagic fish, plankton, benthic invertebrates, and mollusk populations, as well as genetic diversity.

Scientists added that exceeding the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius could lead to significant changes among organisms. Marine species will begin to migrate to cooler regions, but the greatest risk will be for terrestrial organisms, as they find it difficult to move over large distances through landscapes altered by cities, agriculture, and other human infrastructure.

In regions where the temperature constantly exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, mass extinction may begin. Similar events have occurred during previous periods of global warming.

Scientists consider 42 degrees Celsius as the critical limit for the survival of organisms (including humans).

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