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Ryanair launches new low-cost flights from 9 European cities

Ryanair launches new low-cost flights from 9 European cities Ryanair airplane (
Author: Maria Kholina

Good news for those traveling around Europe by plane, as there are increasingly more budget-friendly routes becoming available. Low-cost carrier Ryanair has announced plans for new flights connecting 9 cities along popular routes.

The launch of these new routes from Bulgaria, Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is scheduled for spring 2024, according to

The Irish airline continues to expand its route network and intends to add new flights from Bari (Italy), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in March-April 2024.

The following routes will be introduced:

  • Bari to Malaga (Spain) starting April 3, thrice weekly;
  • Bari to Dubrovnik (Croatia) starting March 31, four times weekly;
  • Bari to Toulouse (France) starting April 1, thrice weekly;
  • Sofia to Copenhagen (Denmark) starting March 31, five times weekly;
  • Sofia to Alicante (Spain) starting April 1, twice weekly;
  • Sarajevo to Brussels (Belgium) starting March 31, twice weekly.

Additionally, during spring and summer, travelers will have the option to fly with the low-cost carrier on 21 new routes from 8 European countries. The carrier has planned new routes to popular tourist destinations, including resorts, from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovakia, and Czechia. These destinations include Greece, Spain, and Croatia.

Cheap tickets for the mentioned flights can be found on the airline's website.

It was previously announced that Ryanair is launching 16 new routes to Croatia from European cities. Affordable travel options will be available from Germany, Poland, England, and France.

Ryanair has also initiated new flights across Europe from 11 cities. In particular, travelers from several European cities will have the opportunity to fly to Jordan.