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Russian shelling of Odessa region: Consequences revealed

Russian shelling of Odessa region: Consequences revealed Photo: The consequences of Russia's repeated missile attack on Odesa region on April 10 (illustration/Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

During a new missile attack on the Odesa region on April 10, Russian troops repeatedly hit the transport and logistics infrastructure, according to the Southern Ukrainian Defense Forces.

"In an attempt to destroy the industrial potential of the region, the Russian occupation forces repeatedly attacked the transport and logistics infrastructure," the statement says.

There were no reports of casualties, and the extent of the damage is being clarified.

Russian shelling of Odesa region

Around 9 a.m. on April 10, explosions were heard in Odesa. However, no alert was declared in the region. Later it became known about a new series of explosions, at least three of which occurred. The Ukrainian Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned of the threat of ballistic missile attacks from the south. The Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine said that Russia was attacking the Odesa region using various types of missiles. Combat operations are underway.

In addition, an energy facility was damaged in the Odesa region during Russian shelling early in the morning. At first, it was reported that one person was injured, then two - employees of a transportation company. Russians attacked the Odesa region with ballistic missiles. Before that, Russians launched drones that attacked the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.