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Russia tries to discredit Ukrainian peace formula after peace summit in Switzerland

Russia tries to discredit Ukrainian peace formula after peace summit in Switzerland After the peace summit in Switzerland, Russia discredits the Ukrainian peace formula (Presidential Office)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Russian campaign to discredit the Ukrainian peace formula has reached its peak. Commenting on the results of the peace summit in Switzerland, hostile propaganda spreads disinformation narratives, citing the Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD).

In particular, Russia is disseminating messages that the summit is merely a formality since representatives of the aggressor country did not participate. Additionally, Russian propaganda tries to convince the audience that the participants discussed "Putin's plan," that Ukraine's proposals are not taken seriously, and that Kyiv and its allies demonstrated a desire to escalate the war.

"Russia, through its manipulations, seeks to devalue the significance of the Peace Summit, as the unification of the global community in the pursuit of peace in Ukraine and the restoration of balance in global security contradicts Russia's plans to continue the war," the CCD reports.

In reality, the peace summit is of great importance as it marks the first step toward peace based on the UN Charter and fundamental principles of international law.

"This event brought together over 100 participants, indicating a broad interest in Ukraine's peace initiative, which declares an important truth - collective efforts can stop the war and establish a just peace," the CCD informs.

Peace summit in Switzerland

On June 16, the two-day inaugural peace summit in Switzerland concluded. Following the summit, a joint communiqué was published, supported by the majority of the summit's participants.

Some participant countries did not support the communiqué - Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.

For the text of the peace summit communiqué, follow the link.

Additionally, RBC-Ukraine has gathered all the key statements made at the peace summit in Switzerland.