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Russia's Borisoglebsk aviation training center attacked by Ukraine's intelligence

Russia's Borisoglebsk aviation training center attacked by Ukraine's intelligence Borisoglebsk aviation training center attacked on April 9 (Russian media)

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence carried out the attack on the Borisoglebsk aviation training center in Russia's Voronezh region on the night of April 9, according to RBC-Ukraine sources within the military.

Sources say that the Defense Intelligence was behind the attack on the aviation training center in Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region.

There is significant damage to the main production workshop.

DI representative Andrii Yusov commented on the attack on Radio Svoboda.

"Yes, it's an aviation plant. That's what we can confirm from various sources. There was a rumble, which we can also confirm. We won't disclose details, but according to preliminary information, the main production facilities of the enterprise were affected," he said.

What is known about aviation center

There is an educational aviation center for training pilots in Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region. The center is the second school for Russian pilots, founded in 1922.

Open sources say they train the flight personnel of Russian frontline bombers and assault aviation.

In 2012, an educational air base was also opened in Borisoglebsk.

Night explosions in Russia

Russian Telegram channels reported about explosions in the Voronezh region on the night of April 9. As Russian media claimed, unknown drones attacked the Chkalov aviation training center in Borisoglebsk.

The governor of the Voronezh region claimed that one drone was allegedly shot down. The Ministry of Defense of Russia said that two drones were shot down in the region.

But reports online said that the drones had hit the center. The first drone allegedly crashed into the facade of the building on the fourth floor. Later, a second drone hit the same spot.

Footage of a possible hit was also published online, showing a powerful explosion.