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Russia begins establishing military bases near the border with Finland

Russia begins establishing military bases near the border with Finland Russia commences establishment of military bases near the Finnish border (photo: Getty Images)

In the territory of the Alakurtti garrison and a military depot near Petrozavodsk, located in proximity to the Finnish border, Russia has constructed large hangars designed for the maintenance and storage of military equipment, according to Yle.

Meanwhile, the majority of the equipment from Petrozavodsk is being transferred to the Ukrainian front.

The article notes that these construction projects are the first tangible sign that Russia has once again begun investing in military bases near Finland after many years.

РФ почала облаштовувати військові бази поблизу кордону з Фінляндією (супутникові знімки)

Photo: Russia Commences Establishment of Military Bases Near the Finnish Border (Planet Labs PBC)

Prior to this, for many years, Russia had not invested in border garrisons.

The Entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO

Sweden and Finland submitted applications for NATO membership last year, abandoning their policy of military neutrality in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Finland has become a full member of the Alliance. Sweden's membership applications must be approved by all NATO members, but Türkiye and Hungary have not yet given their approval.

Meanwhile, Russia has repeatedly threatened to respond to Finland and Sweden's NATO membership.

In December of last year, Russia's Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, announced plans to strengthen Russian armed forces near the Finnish border. He reiterated this statement last month.