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Psychologist unveils how motherhood transforms women in real life

Psychologist unveils how motherhood transforms women in real life Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

To be a mother means giving yourself entirely to another person who needs care and guidance. It means the world will never be the same, as it now holds even more love. Psychologist Tetiana Ovcharenko explores what motherhood is like in real life and how it transforms a woman, in her post on the social media platform Instagram.

Motherhood in real life and how it changes a woman

"Motherhood in reality is hard work that helps one mature and take on more responsibility. It's about recognizing one's flaws and striving to transform them to better connect with the child. However, it requires facing personal pain to grow closer to oneself, not striving for perfection," says the psychologist.

Allowing oneself to make mistakes, acknowledging fatigue, and needing personal space prevents burnout in this lifelong marathon, a distance for a lifetime.

Life continues after children are born; it changes permanently, but you remain. And it's crucial to continue living with your lifelong interests aside from the child. It's normal.

Occasionally sacrificing oneself, especially in the initial phase when you're fully immersed in adapting to your new life, becomes necessary.Psychologist unveils how motherhood transforms women in real life

Photo: Motherhood in real life and how it changes a woman (Freepik)

"Better to ask for help and pursue one's own fulfillment: to be a mother, an individual, a professional, and a woman. This provides immense resources. When we utilize our various roles and continue to live for ourselves, not just to meet everyone else's needs but our own," notes Tetiana, who is a mother herself.

The psychologist adds that it's normal: to take care of oneself, love oneself, respect oneself, allow oneself to be alone, and act according to how one feels.

Tetiana emphasizes that if something isn't working out, if mistakes are made, if one feels overwhelmed - it's normal; it's simply self-acceptance and empathy.

Understanding the true reasons for pain helps to change and heal, to be happy, free, to be oneself, a loving mother, dear and genuine.

Remember - kindness towards oneself breeds kindness towards others. Respect and love work the same way.

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