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Psychologist names 10 myths about emotions that spoil our lives

Psychologist names 10 myths about emotions that spoil our lives Myths about emotions (photo: Freepik)

Everybody is experiencing a lot of difficult emotions. Many are ashamed to show that they are having difficulty coping with the situation because they think that this would show weakness. Psycologist Yuliia Padun tells RBC-Ukraine about myths we should stop believing concerning emotions and feelings.

Myth 1

People often think that there is only one right way to respond to a situation. But the truth is that each person reacts in their own way - there is no right or wrong reaction. It is important to remember this.

Myth 2

Another misconception is that telling people how you feel is a sign of weakness. In fact, letting people know how you feel is one of the signs of healthy communication.

Myth 3

Painful (negative) emotions are bad and destructive. The truth is that painful emotions are natural reactions that help us better understand what is happening to us.

Myth 4

Feeling emotions means not being in control. In fact, being emotional only means that you are a living person.

Myth 5

Some emotions are unimportant and pointless to express. The truth is that all emotions are important and they help you understand how you feel.

Myth 6

All painful (negative) emotions are the result of a bad character. The truth is that painful emotions are a normal reaction to painful events.

Myth 7

If others think my emotions are wrong, I don't have to experience them. In fact, you have the right to feel what you feel, regardless of what others think.

Myth 8

By experiencing extreme emotions and expressing them, I will achieve much more from others than if I regulate them. After all, drama is cool. In reality, overly intense emotions often lead to problems in life. Regulating emotions reduces the number of problems and improves relationships with others.

Myth 9

If I learn to regulate my emotions, I won't be me. In reality, we are all changing all the time, change is a part of life, it's normal. You will remain yourself, but your emotions will no longer determine your behavior.

Myth 10

Emotions are more important than facts. Based on the facts, you can react to the actual (factual situation), our reaction will not correspond to the facts, will not be effective and thus we can worsen the situation.

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