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Psychologist explains how woman can boost self-confidence

Psychologist explains how woman can boost self-confidence Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Confident people aren't born, they become. Self-confidence is not an innate quality, but rather a skill that can be developed independently. Simple advice can help women be more confident in themselves, according to a post by psychologist Iryna Kulik on Instagram.

Find your strengths
The expert advises women to consider their achievements and qualities that set them apart. It's also essential to develop a personal plan to improve these aspects.

Work on self-confidence
To do this, it's crucial to set realistic goals, continually learn new things, develop skills, and gain new experiences.

Find an activity where you can fully utilize your abilities and talents. Anything that provides satisfaction from both the process and the outcome.

Take care of your physical and mental health
The psychologist says that a healthy body and mind help a person feel better and be more confident.

Find enjoyable activities such as cycling, swimming, sports games, fitness, running, interval walking, dancing, tennis, or horseback riding. Sports can help build self-respect and boost low self-esteem.

Your thoughts
It's necessary to learn to manage stress and negative thoughts. Meditation and psychological support can also be helpful.

New acquaintances
Iryna Kulik explains that interacting with various people helps broaden horizons and boost confidence.

Your task is to communicate more with such people. If there are toxic individuals in your circle who insist that you can't, won't manage, or will fail, minimize your interaction with them, or even better, completely cut ties.

"Remember these pieces of advice in your everyday life, and with time, your self-confidence will grow," the message says.