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Problems constant stress leads to and how to help yourself

Problems constant stress leads to and how to help yourself Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Constant stress can very easily lead to emotional burnout. Which is why it is important to timely help oneself, according to the National Health Service.

Symptoms of emotional burnout

Among the main symptoms, doctors have included:

  • feeling of exhaustion and constant fatigue
  • feeling like everything is falling apart, confusion
  • mood swings, irritation over trivial matters
  • lack of internal motivation for daily activities
  • reduced professional activity
  • dissatisfaction with life

How to prevent emotional burnout

It's essential to start with the simplest – restoring the balance between work and personal life. It's also important to:

  • adhere to a daily schedule and sleep, engage in physical activity
  • set boundaries for overloading tasks, internet surfing
  • eat a balanced diet
  • allocate time for oneself – hobbies, self-care
  • allocate time for development and learning new things
  • celebrate small successes and victories, including personal ones
  • seek qualified help if needed, starting with a family doctor

To ensure that your life is enjoyable and your resources don't evaporate, doctors advise following these recommendations.

Take a break

Even if you love your work and wake up every morning thinking about it, a break is necessary for everyone. A full-fledged active vacation can save you from burnout and help you recharge.

Take care of yourself

Allocate 5 minutes for a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, a phone call, or favorite music if you feel an influx of anxiety or irritation.

Plan your day

Start the day with a pleasant activity, then move on to the tasks set.

Praise yourself

Remind yourself of your achievements. Write down the most significant achievements of the day if inner perfectionism bothers you.

Alternate difficult tasks with enjoyable ones

Overloading during work does not contribute to resource retention, so you start burning out later. Plan your day to be balanced, enjoyable, and productive.

Physical activity

This is an effective way to get rid of burnout. After a few simple workouts your body will encourage you to finish work faster and do sports again.

Be mindful

If a person is in a stressful state, the main problem is a lack of awareness of the cause. With mindful and thoughtful steps, you will have more time for reflection and problem-solving.

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